3 thoughts on “Approaching Third Barrel

  1. That is helpful to know how to prepare for the third barrel turn. Normally I feel like I am going so darn fast that that I just hang on. May I send a video of my last run for you to look at ? And see how I may speed up my run.

  2. I got an iPhone 7+ and for some reason can’t view your videos any more. It take 4 ever for them to load and when it finally stops spooning, I only have a blank black screen. Your videos are the only one I can’t seem to get to load. Is there a setting that I need to change?

    1. Hi Lisa, We’ve tested it on our end without problems, we’re very sorry to hear about your inconvenience. We suggest trying a phone update and making sure you have a clear wifi connection. We hope this resolves your issue. Thank you for your interest in our site!

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