Crowding The Barrels

Molli Montgomery shows her horse where to start the turn to avoid crowding the barrels or “cheating.” 

2 thoughts on “Crowding The Barrels

  1. really would like to see video’s but my MAC goes for about 30 seconds then nothing
    got any suggestions

  2. I have a 16-1H QH that I trained just like I trained my 15H mare. She did fine around barrels but he stops and walks around the barrel(s) no matter what I do. I’m 24 years older than I was and have had a couple problems but I really don’t think my age (64) and health are the problems. I know it is something I am doing or not doing but I don’t know what. He wants to hug the barrel and loses his forward momentum. He’s the only horse I’ve ever had that actually goes into the arena looking for the barrels and I’m afraid I’ve ruined him. What do I need to do to keep him moving around the barrel(s). He does it on all of them. Thank you.

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